New Mascaf organic coffee line

New Mascaf organic coffee line

Ubago coffee roasters have been in the organic market since 2015 with our organically certified coffee.

What does this Ecological Certification mean?
We guarantee the organic cultivation of this coffee, based on the optimization of natural resources, without using chemicals products. Achieving higher quality organic food while preserving the health and fertility of the Earth.

All this in a sustainable and balanced way respecting 100% the environment.

Coffee produced without the help of artificial chemicals, such as certain additives, pesticides and herbicides, are sown by other types of trees of higher height, which provides moisture, which helps the production of a high quality coffee.

With the new line MASCAF CAFÉ ECOLOGICO you can offer your customers a variety of finishes in the coffee that covers all the needs of the consumer of a quality, ecological and competitive coffee in the market.

With our varieties of ground coffee, capsules of different formats, with compostable alternative we are bringing to the market a real proposal of organic food, sustainable and accessible to the consumer.

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