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Francisco García Cánovas started his business in 1979 roasting coffee in a very artisanal way that most of the residents of the Muro de Alcoy in Alicante consumed. A short time later, thanks to the success of his roast, he began to market his coffee in hospitality.

focusing on hospitality. Its expansion at the provincial level and experiencing a new expansion of roasting and packaging machinery due to customer demand.

Thanks to Ubago Cafeteros team the effort. We get the certificate of excellence in food safety and quality with high marks, the IFS.

It was in 2010 where the company grew exponentially, forcing again to innovate in machinery and facilities, always with the philosophy that was inherited from Francisco García, with delegations in Madrid, Valencia, Córdoba and Murcia.

In 2015, José García with his entrepreneur mentality decided, without neglecting its beginnings, to expand facilities to adapt to new market demands with new products such as Organic Coffee.
Nowadays we have the most modern roasting and packaging technology that allows us the ability to offer an excellent product with the strict quality controls that our customers deserve. This is the reason for the deserved IFS certificate.


Since 1979 we are dedicating our efforts in the elaboration and packaging of all kinds of coffees, importing green coffee for your roasting from the main producing countries. A select variety of coffees of different qualities of Arabica and Robusta coffees that provide a coffee especially suitable for hospitality professionals. Rigorous control at each stage of the process, from the entry of green coffee in the facilities, to the sale of the final product, in which any product that does not meet the minimum quality requirements of the brand is rejected. This process is controlled by an HACCP plan.

"Quality with a direct and personalized service."

Nowadays the small artisan roaster  is a   industry with delegations nationwide and presence in 14 countries. With a great team of people who believe
in values, good work, which its founder bequeathed us.

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